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The Main Issue With ADHD Private Assesment, And How You Can Fix It

How a Private ADHD Assessment Can Help

This week, BBC’s Panorama program looked into how private clinics diagnosed adults with ADHD.

The investigation has revealed some alarming incidents. It also highlights the plight for those who are between a rock ad a hard place.

Waiting times for adult ADHD assessments on the NHS are lengthy. Many opt to pay for an assessment with a private consultant.

Signs and symptoms

If you or your child are experiencing symptoms of ADHD A private healthcare adhd assessment ADHD assessment Can You Get A Private Adhd Assessment provide the answers you’ve been looking for. ADHD symptoms can be mistaken for other disorders. An accurate diagnosis is essential to your health.

Inattention, hyperactivity, and an impulsive nature are the primary symptoms of ADHD. These signs can you get a private adhd assessment cause issues at school, at work, and at home. Symptoms can also affect relationships and emotional well-being. Private ADHD assessments will allow you to determine if you suffer from ADHD and provide you with the treatment you require to lead a fulfilling life.

It is essential to find an independent ADHD assessor who will spend the time to evaluate you as an individual. It is not an easy process, and the professional is expected to devote more than three hours in the assessment. During the assessment your specialist will ask how your ADHD symptoms impact your daily life. Your specialist will also ask about your family history as well as any other mental health issues that you might have. They may also wish to discuss your situation with your school or employer to better understand your situation.

It is essential to ensure that the medical professional conducting your personal ADHD assessment is a qualified and experienced psychiatrist. You will receive the highest possible treatment. The same rules apply to private healthcare providers just as they do to NHS healthcare professionals. They should also adhere to the best practice guidelines that are published in NICE.

In addition, it’s important to bring any supporting information with you when you attend the assessment. This could include medical records, psychological reports as well as letters from your GP or questionnaires that you have completed. Your doctor must have these documents in order to assess your symptoms and suggest a course of treatment for you.

You should be aware that a few doctors have preconceived notions about what someone with ADHD might appear like. This could make it difficult for them to make an accurate diagnosis. This is particularly true for people of color, who were not assigned a gender at birth, or who do not speak English natively.


ADHD is a complicated disorder that affects every aspect of the life of a person. It can affect the ability to concentrate, impulsivity, as well as working memory. A private adhd assessment can help identify the cause and allow a person to manage their symptoms and live better lives. A precise diagnosis can help patients find the appropriate treatment to relieve symptoms, reduce their anxiety and improve their quality of life.

The process of diagnosing adult ADHD involves an extensive medical history, questionnaires, and a thorough physical exam. GPs can diagnose ADHD at their discretion, but they have to take your concerns seriously. They will refer you to an assessment. Clinical interviews and validated rating scales are used to assess the severity of symptoms a person experiences. It is vital that the healthcare professional who conducts your evaluation has the skills, knowledge and expertise to diagnose ADHD. The best option is to talk to a psychiatrist or an ADHD specialist nurse. However healthcare professionals who work in NHS clinics may also be assessed as they are regulated under the National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines.

Sadly, the stigma of mental health, and especially ADHD can mean that a few sufferers are not given the diagnosis they need or are entitled to. This could be because the GP is hesitant to refer someone to a specialist or has a preconceived view of what ADHD appears to be. It can be a challenge for Can You Get A Private Adhd Assessment adults to obtain an assessment because they may not have the typical signs of ADHD.

If you think you or your child might be suffering from symptoms of ADHD you should consider arranging for an assessment with a reputable private clinic like Diverse Diagnostics. They provide online assessments for a range of neurodevelopmental disorders and can offer an adult ADHD diagnosis. The first step is to talk to your GP about the difficulties that you are experiencing at home, at work or in social settings. They must take your concerns seriously and arrange to have you referred to an ADHD specialist at one of the Priory hospitals or wellbeing centres.


Treatment options for ADHD differ from person to person and can include medication or different types of therapy like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The type of treatment you are recommended for will depend on the severity and symptoms. It is also important to consider whether you have other mental health issues that could affect your symptoms.

There are fears that certain private clinics are not correctly diagnosing patients with ADHD. This was highlighted in an Panorama investigation that saw an undercover reporter book online appointments with three different private clinics, and then receive powerful medications following unreliable assessments via virtual. The undercover reporter responded to questions regarding his symptoms in a truthful manner and did not disclose to the clinics he was a journalist.

It is vital that you get your assessment done by a healthcare professional who is an expert in ADHD. This includes psychiatrists but also GPs as well as other healthcare professionals with specific knowledge, skills and experience in ADHD. It is not enough just to have an authorization to practice, or to be on the NHS register, to be considered a specialist in ADHD.

During the ADHD evaluation process the doctor will ask you about your feelings and what signs are present. They will also ask about your family history of ADHD and Can You Get A Private Adhd Assessment any other mental health issues that you might have. It is important to answer with the most truthful answers possible to these questions since they are crucial in determining whether you suffer from ADHD.

After your evaluation Your doctor will then discuss the next steps with you. This will likely include a decision on whether or not to prescribe medication and the plan for your future treatment and following up. You can choose to continue your treatment as an individual patient or back to the NHS (known as shared care) should you wish to do so.

You must be aware If you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD it may be difficult to obtain the medication you require on the NHS because of long waiting lists. The ‘Right to Choose” scheme allows adults in England to receive a private diagnosis and treatment. This is recommended in the event that you cannot wait for an NHS appointment.


A private ADHD assessment helps teens or children to accept and comprehend their diagnosis, and makes positive lifestyle modifications to improve their quality of life. Adults who have been struggling with ADHD symptoms for a long time and have a negative impact on their relationships or work could also benefit from a professional ADHD assessment.

RTN Mental Health Solutions is an inter-disciplinary team comprising Chartered Clinical Psychologists and Therapists located in the UK with extensive experience in assessing adults and children suffering from ADHD. They offer a full ADHD assessment, including diagnosis and treatment recommendations that are in line with NICE guidelines. The assessment can be paid for with three or five payments of PS195 (excluding any medication recommended by the clinician). Certain private assessments require a referral from a doctor however, others do not. Check with your chosen provider for their policy.

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