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Why Double Size Mattress Is The Next Big Obsession

double mattress pocket spring Beds With Mattress

If you have a small bedroom and require more space to sleep, then a double-bed with a mattress may be the ideal fit for your room. They are extremely popular in apartments and college dorms. They are also ideal for couples that need more space to cuddle.

Consider size and frame when looking for a double mattress for your bed. A standard bed frame will generally add two to five inches to the overall dimensions for an entire mattress. Make sure that it will fit perfectly in your space.


Your level of comfort can be affected by the size of your mattress. A larger mattress means that you won’t be squeezing or stuck in an uncomfortable position. uncomfortable. If you’re a solo sleeper or share your bed with someone, smaller mattresses aren’t easy to move between rooms and may not provide the support you require.

The traditional double bed was once popular with couples, but queen and King size beds have increased in popularity. They are large enough for two people however, they also have the capacity to accommodate more people.

A standard double bed is 53 by 75 inches in length and width. This provides each person about 27 inches of room to stretch out and rest, but it can still be uncomfortable for people who are over 6 feet tall.

There are a variety of sizes of doubles, Mattress Double Sale including extra-long and small. The small double, sometimes known as a three-quarter-bed or a three-quarter one, measures 48 inches by 77.5 inches. It has more elbow room than a twin and saves bedroom space.

This is a great choice for single sleepers who need more space but don’t have the money to purchase a mattress Double sale that is double-sized. The extra-long double measures 54 inches by 80 inches. It offers more space for those who have difficulty fitting into a standard twin or full-sized mattress.

Another alternative is the California king, which measures 80 inches by 80 inches and can be a great option for those who want more space but don’t have much extra money to spend on their mattress.

The size of your mattress is dependent on a variety of factors such as your personal preferences and budget. It is also important to consider how you will use your mattress as well as where it will be placed in your home. If you live in a four-story apartment, or a studio apartment with a lift, you will require a mattress that is lightweight and easy to move around.

You should also remember that some manufacturers manufacture their mattresses in various sizes that will fit into different types of bedroom sets. If you don’t have enough space for a traditional queen or king-sized mattress, consider buying a twin XL or full-XL mattress.


Double beds are a fantastic option for couples looking to maximize space. They’re usually 15 inches bigger than a twin mattress and are available in various designs to fit any bedroom decor. They’re also less expensive than queen and king mattresses, which make them ideal for those with budget.

They can also be a good choice for couples with young children and require more space to read reading stories before bed. This gives them an easier night’s rest without having to squeeze too tightly into the bed.

A double bed also has an advantage: they are simpler to maneuver in narrow hallways, and are more comfortable to climb steps than queen- or the king-sized mattresses. This makes them a great option for those who are planning to move in the future.

If you’re looking for a new mattress, it’s essential to find one that can meet the needs of your sleep. The best mattress will allow you to have the rest you require. From your preferred position (side, back or stomach) to your preferred temperature and softness, the perfect mattress will provide you with the perfect night’s rest every night.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to the most popular kinds of mattresses to help you get started. These include hybrid, memory foam, innerspring, latex, and innerspring models. We also provide their pros and cons.

A hybrid mattress combines the comfort layers of polyfoam and gel-infused memory foam. It also includes a support core of individually pocketed coils to create more supple, comfortable surface. This mattress is a great choice for couples who prefer a more firm feel, but don’t want the rigidity of traditional spring mattresses.

Hybrids which combine the best of coils and foam provide the best combination of support and durability of coils. They provide a moderately firm feel and have luxurious add-ons like a moisture-wicking covering and zones that provide an ergonomically designed support.

If you’re in search of a new double mattress, consider our top picks. They’re manufactured by leading brands and are designed to meet your unique requirements for sleep. From a sleek design that feels comfortable for heavier sleepers to affordable prices and a variety of models that will help that you’re sleeping well throughout the night.


Comfort is a key factor when it comes down to choosing the right double bed mattress for you. It is crucial to pick the mattress that is comfortable and supportive, especially if you have any health issues. You must also take into consideration your personal preferences as well as the area you’ll use the bed.

You will typically find the most comfortable double mattresses made of high-quality materials, which provide solid support. These features will help reduce pressure points, encourage spinal alignment , and offer a the most comfortable sleeping experience for you.

Another aspect to think about when choosing a double mattress is the price. You may want to stay away from expensive models if you are on an unfavorable budget. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice the comfort you enjoy for a cheaper cost.

A hybrid mattress is an excellent way to save money but still have a top-quality mattress. These mattresses incorporate layers of foam and coils to create a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface. They are also available in various options of firmness to meet the preferences of different sleepers.

It’s not as soft as some however it can be a great option for couples who are looking for the perfect balance of comfort and support. It also tends to be more durable than all-foam mattresses.

Medium-firm mattresses are typically the best choice for back pain sufferers. These models are designed to ease tension and stress on the body. Additionally, they are particularly beneficial for couples who share a bed.

If you have an entire family it’s worth exploring king-sized mattress. Although they are more expensive than queen-sized mattresses , but they are more comfortable for two people, they can be just as comfortable.

To allow more space in your bedroom, you can opt for a mattress that’s extra long or larger. This kind of mattress is ideal for bedrooms with masters because it offers more room to move around.

If you prefer a classic style you can select one of a twin or full bed. These are generally the most sought-after sizes for bedrooms. These beds are easy to move around and allow enough space for one or two people. They are a great option for children and teenagers as they can be placed comfortably without feeling cramped.


Double beds with mattresses can make your bedroom spacious, whether you’re moving into a new home or just looking to increase the size of your home. These frames offer plenty of storage space, such as drawers, lift-up ottomans , and under-bed designs so that you can de-clutter your room and make the most of your sleeping space.

When shopping for a double bed with mattress it is crucial to find one that is suitable for your preferences and style. Look for models made from high-quality materials, are easy to put together and have good customer reviews.

You also want to avoid purchasing a model that looks too bulky for your space for example, those with a high profile or those with headboards that are too large. If you’re trying to save space, it’s a good idea to pick a bed with a double headboard that’s not excessively big.

The amount of space that you can save in your bedroom with a double bed with storage is dependent on the dimensions and the kind of storage you pick. Ottoman or lift-up storage beds usually provide the largest floor space but drawer storage models are a popular choice.

A double bed with storage is a great option for couples as well as those who are looking for storage space for their belongings. You can store extra blankets and pillows in a basic storage unit or buy a platform frame with large drawers that can be hidden from view to hide your personal belongings and create a focal point within the room.

You can also keep extra clothing, shoes and bedding under the bed to maximize storage space. This is a great method to store things that aren’t used often or that you wish to keep safe from dust and allergens.

Although storage for under beds isn’t cheap however it’s an affordable solution to keep your belongings organized. Consider a secure storage container with wheels or a bin with a lid for items that won’t be accessed frequently.

Winston Porter offers upholstered platform beds with hidden storage drawers that are budget-friendly. These tufted beds are chic and contemporary and come in a variety styles and colors. They’re very popular with clients and a majority say that they’re happy with their purchase.

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