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The Reason Why Car Keys Replacement Cost Is The Most Popular Topic In 2023

Car Keys Replacement Cost

Not long ago, misplacing your keys to your car wasn’t an issue. You could take your spare to an a key cutter and buy a new one for just $10 or less.

However the process has gotten more complex and expensive. Find out more about the various types of keys for cars and what they’ll cost you to replace them.

Basic Key Fob

A key fob can be described as an remote control as well as key in one. It’s a small plastic device that has one or more buttons that you press to unlock the doors and trunk, open the hatchback, lower the windows, and possibly start the car. The key fob also has an electronic chip inside that communicates with the car’s onboard computer system to control functions such as the starter.

A basic key fob is usually made of plastic and employs a lock-and key mechanism, like the kind you might find on an old Pontiac or Saturn. A basic key fob may cost anywhere from $50 to $100, but the actual cost is when you need to replace a damaged or lost one.

If your car was manufactured in the last five years, the chances are you’ll need to go to the dealership to get a replacement fob as many newer vehicles require specialized equipment to program and code new keys. A locksmith or a key shop typically can perform this task for less, however.

The kind of fob you own can also impact the cost. Older vehicles use mechanical key fobs, while the most recent models typically have transponder keys or smart keys. Both come with a variety of features, from keyless entry that locks and unlocks the vehicle automatically to rolling codes that are updated regularly to prevent thieves from taking and using the key fob information of your car.

You may be able to buy an aftermarket key fob online for less than what you’d pay at a dealership however, they may not work with your car. Certain manufacturers, such as Audi and Subaru, include security chips in their key fobs that prevent them from working with devices that are not third-party. Some dealers will program an aftermarket key fob if it’s brought in, however it’s highly unlikely that it will work.

You can find out more about programming your key fob by searching the manufacturer’s site or the owner’s guide. Try to do this yourself before hiring an expert locksmith or duplicate car keys visiting the dealer. You can also look into your vehicle’s warranty and auto-insurance policy to see whether they will cover the cost of replacing a key fob.

Transponder Key

Transponder keys are found in the majority of newer automobiles. They have a chip embedded in the key’s head that transmits a signal to the vehicle when it is put into the ignition cylinder. This signal is used to unlock the car and starting the engine. This key type is more secure than traditional flat metal keys due to transponder chips prevent the car from starting if it does not receive a signal from the correct key. This technology was designed to stop car theft since it is nearly impossible to duplicate these types of keys without the right equipment.

Additionally, many cars also have immobilizer systems that prevent them from starting if the key is not transponder-compatible. However, car thieves have also devised ways to gain access and steal cars that are equipped with transponder keys.

A locksmith can usually assist you in replacing the damaged or lost transponder key. They’ll need the details about your specific vehicle, such as the VIN number, model and year. Then they will cut a new key or program the existing one to your car’s security system. This is a more expensive procedure than having a dealer cut and program replacement keys.

Some stores for automotive, such as AutoZone and Walmart, are also capable of cutting and re-copying a transponder key, but they may not be in a position to reprogram the chip in the key. If you want to be sure that a professional can handle the task, you should contact an experienced and trusted locksmith business.

Before the invention of technology like this it was fairly easy for someone to make duplicate car keys and then hot wire a car replacement keys. This method was used to steal cars and permitted criminals to steal stolen vehicles. Transponder keys have drastically reduced this crime, but they haven’t completely eliminated it completely.

You can get an expert to handle this for you if you need a replacement transponder key, or if you’ve lost yours. It’s more expensive than a standard key however it’s a safer and more reliable alternative to ensure that someone else is unable to start your car.

Keyless Entry System

As increasing numbers of people want convenience, safety and security key fobs for cars have become a common feature. These devices can open doors, trigger the panic alarm, unlock the trunk, or start the engine without having the physical key. They can be thrown around and are more likely to get lost or stolen. It’s costly to replace them, and you may require programming your new fob to pair it with your vehicle.

A basic key fob costs around ten dollars to get cut at an hardware store, but the most recent smart keys can be expensive if you want to purchase the keys and have them programmed. It is possible to spend between $200 and $500 on an alternative key fob. This includes the cost of having it cut and programmed for your car.

Certain advanced car key battery replacement key systems let you make use of your smartphone as an actual key. You can lock or unlock your car via the app that you have installed on your smartphone. You can also turn on and off your lights, turn on your parking break, as well as perform other tasks depending on the distance you’re to your car. These apps are ideal for those who reside in urban areas, or if you have kids and are worried about them leaving the car unattended.

Certain of these systems are expensive however they’re also more secure than a standard car key because they can track your location and prevent you from accidentally locking your car or turning on the engine if you’re too far away. Some of these systems can assist you in finding your car in a garage and others will notify you when you shut or open the doors.

These kinds of systems can also be beneficial to businesses, like property managers who manage office space or vacation rentals. These systems let them check access rights of guests and cleaning staff. They can also ensure that only those with permissions are allowed to enter and exit the premises.


Some people believe they need to visit a dealer when keys are missing. The dealer will ask for proof of ownership, and could order keys from the manufacturer. This can take several days. However, a dealer can generally complete the task for you quicker than a locksmith, and they might have lower prices, too.

It is likely that the key fob will need to be programmed to your vehicle. This can be done at the dealership, or by consulting the owner’s manual. It involves opening and closing doors, as well as turning lights and other electronic components on and off. It may also require pressing a set of buttons that function as codes. This is often handled by the driver, duplicate car keys but it is always best to let an expert handle it.

The year, make and model of the vehicle will affect the cost as well. Modern cars come with advanced transponder chips that need to be paired with the vehicle by a locksmith or dealer and the process could be more expensive.

A dealer that sells a certain model will be more likely to have the knowledge to change keys for the model. Some of the biggest manufacturers, such as Ford, Toyota and Chrysler have several models and are well-versed in the keys.

Some brands are harder to work with. Some of the older brands that have shut down or are so old that they no longer manufacture keys are included. Scion, Pontiac and Hummer are some of the companies that are older and have stopped producing keys. Mercury, Saturn, Eagle, Mercury, Saturn and Oldsmobile are also included. Typically, these keys need to be reprogrammed and can be more complicated and costly than replacing the key itself.

It is best to have your spare key cloned by a specialist rather than buying another one from a dealer. You can avoid paying the more expensive rates for after-hours or weekend services. Then, if you do lose your keys, you can rest assured that the copied key will function.

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