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20 Things That Only The Most Devoted Kids Bunk Bed Fans Understand

Buying a Kids Bunk Bed

If you’re planning to furnish the space for two children or simply looking to make the most of your floor space, bunk beds are an ideal solution. Before purchasing a bunk bed, you should carefully look at your choices.

Safety is an important consideration. It is essential to set up rules to ensure that you don’t use the top bunk for anything other than sleeping and don’t hang anything from the bunks.


Bunk beds and loft beds come in a wide variety of sizes. Some come with two twin mattresses, whereas others accommodate queen or full mattresses on the bottom. Some have an trundle bed that can be tucked away when not being used. This design is space-saving and makes bunk beds an excellent option for bedrooms with limited space. Bunk beds are less expensive than buying separate mattresses for children.

Most bunk beds feature a ladder or stairway to reach the top bunk. Some bunk beds come with a railing so that children sleeping on the top bunk do not fall out. Some designs even have an ottoman at the bottom of the tier that can be used as a couch during the day and bed for kids as an extra bed at night.

Many parents opt to purchase a kids bunk bed because it lets them save room in their child’s bedroom. Furthermore the bed is able to be divided into separate beds if needed in the future. Bunk beds are particularly useful for kids’ rooms where multiple children share the space.

The most common size of a bunk Bed for kids [http://promarket.in.ua/user/Foamwool97] is a twin mattress that is placed on both sides. This arrangement offers enough space for children of all ages to sleep comfortably. Twin mattresses are a great choice for toddlers who have outgrown their cribs, but aren’t ready to move up to a larger bed.

There are also bunk beds that have two twin beds side by side, allowing two children to share a bed and still have their own space. These kinds of beds are typically referred to as twin over twin bunk beds and are the perfect option for families with multiple children who want to maximize the floor space in a small bedroom.

Some bunk beds come with an extra-large mattress on the lower level, which is great for teens or older children. This arrangement is ideal for sleeping over guests or allowing kids to spread out and relax. These bunk beds are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, so you can pick the ideal piece for your child.


While bunk beds are a lot of fun for children but they can also be dangerous if they’re not designed and erected correctly. Make sure that your bunk mattress has been tested and is in compliance with all safety standards set by the national government. It should be secured and have a weight limit for both the bottom and top mattresses.

A quality bunk bed for kids is one that has guardrails in the upper sleep zone that protect children from accidents that happen during sleep. These rails should extend at least five inches higher than the mattress’s surface. There shouldn’t be any gaps between the rails as this could trap a child’s head or other body parts and cause injury.

It is also essential to teach children how to safely climb up to the top bunk using the ladder or stairs. It is best to limit the use of the top bunk to one person at a time. It’s also important to stop rough play or jumping on the beds. These actions can result in injuries and weaken the foundation support system. Check the bunk bed frequently for signs of wear and tear, and tighten any loose screws or bolts immediately.

Children who sleep in the top bunk should not be allowed to fall out of the bed, as this could result in serious injuries. If your child is going to sleep in the top bunk of the bed, you should place a nightlight in the room to help them see the ladder.

It’s also recommended to keep books, toys and other objects away from the bunk bed. This decreases the chance of a child falling over them and can keep them from getting caught in the guardrails.

If possible, it’s a good idea to allow the bunk bed to be placed in a corner. This will help to brace the structure to prevent it from moving when someone climbs the ladder. Bunk beds should also be kept at a safe distance from ceiling fans, light fixtures and curtain hardware in order to prevent your children hitting their heads while in or out of them.


It is important to take into account the design of furniture when selecting a bunk bed for kids. Bunk beds are available in different styles, from traditional to contemporary. You’ll be able to find one that matches your child’s tastes. Bunk beds also provide the possibility of adding special accessories, like curtains, which can create the illusion of privacy and separate sleeping spaces. Other features like desks or built-in storage can aid your kids in staying organized.

For instance, this rustic-inspired bunk bed is constructed from rugged wood and completed with a weathered, driftwood look that adds a natural feel to any bedroom. It comes with two drawers to store toys and clothes. This is a fantastic feature to save space in children’s rooms. It can also be customised with an trundle bed that can be pulled out for extra sleeping space for guests.

The twin-over-twin standard bunk bed is a different option. It’s ideal for teens and kids who share the bedroom. This type of bunk bed has solid guardrails that are securely attached to the frame in order to prevent a fall while sleeping. Other safety features to look for include an incline or stairs that are securely fixed to the frame, and come with wide, anti-slip steps. These stairs can be engraved with numbers to indicate which bunk is being utilized.

You can also choose futon beds that offer both sleeping and relaxing options. These beds typically consist of a standard bunk bed structure with a futon or convertible sofa underneath, allowing the top level to double as a comfortable lounge area during the day and the bottom level to serve as a cozy bed at night.

Corner loft beds are a great choice for bunk beds that can provide more storage. These beds combine 2 elevated beds across a corner of the room, opening up space for study and play. This bunk bed made by makingitwithabby comes with an individual macrame nook that can be used for relaxing and extra shelving to organize. The navy-colored finish of this bunk bed complements the blue-toned wall murals to create a room that feels both cozy, and bright.


Bunk beds are a space-saving sleeping solution that allows you to double, or even triple–the number of sleeping spaces in your children’s rooms or guest rooms. And while they may not be as inexpensive as full-sized or standalone twin beds, bunk beds provide a lot of value for your money.

There are a variety of basic, no frills bunk beds for less than $500. But you can also find models with various options that meet your requirements and the style of your bedroom. For example this affordable bunk beds for kids bed from South Shore offers a modern style that’s ideal for modern decors, while still offering a budget-friendly price tag. It’s also lightweight, so it can be moved around if your children grow out of the arrangement or you relocate to a larger house.

More sophisticated bunk beds have features that appeal to older children and teenagers like an integrated desk, stairs or drawers. These additional features can create a more functional area and add a stylish look to any kid’s bedroom. Bunk beds with a slide are also a great option for kids who prefer to play in the dark, transforming the top bunk into a great playhouse or clubhouse. Be aware that bunk beds for kids beds with slides occupy more floor space than other types of bunks, so make sure you measure before purchasing one.

If you are on a tight budget the type of material the bunk bed is made from is equally important. Wood is a sturdy and durable material that’s perfect for bunk beds for children, but you can also discover models made of metal or a combination of materials. Metal is usually cheaper than wood, and it’s a good choice when you’re looking for an easy bunk bed to clean.

You’ll also need to consider the cost of any other accessories you might require, such as curtains and a reading lamp. Some bunk beds can be bought with a set of matching furniture, which makes it easier to choose the right look for your children’s bedrooms.

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