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20 Important Questions To To Ask About Key Cutting Car Before Purchasing It

Save Money by Having Your Car Keys Cut and Programmed at an Ace Store

It can be a stressful experience to lose or break keys, especially when you must pay a high fee at your local car key cut and program near me dealership. The good part is that you can save money by having your spare car keys cut and programmed at an Ace store near you.

What is Key Cutting?

It’s an art that offers security, comfort and peace of mind to car owners. It involves the use of sophisticated machinery for accurate shaping of keys to ensure they work smoothly and do not cause damage to the ignition. This service is vital in the event that you require a spare or lost keys. This process takes just a few minutes and can help you avoid having to call a professional locksmith in the event of an emergency lockout.

The process of cutting keys is different based on the type of key you require and the level of sophistication of the locks. Keys that are transponder or intelligent, for example, use encryption to prevent the unauthorized reuse of the car key. They also require specific configuration and programming to work correctly. When re-keying locks, or when you are trying to make a new key from an old one that does not have the correct code, the key duplicate process can be more difficult.

Many people duplicate their keys to have a spare. This is especially relevant when they move into a new house or wish to give copies of the keys to relatives and friends. Before you attempt this at home, you need to know the difference between key cutting car keys and duplication. To ensure you get a high-quality key, you must make use of the correct equipment and the correct techniques.

Copying your keys is a pain and when done wrong, it could lead to incorrect copies that do not fit correctly or even open the lock. Bring your current keys to a shop that offers key duplication services to make sure that your keys are copied correctly. This allows an associate to match it with the key blank and trace its contours on an exact key cutting machine in the store.

You can also avoid paying a high price for an replacement key at a dealership by sending your keys to a key duplication shop. Additionally, you can take advantage of discounts provided by shops that allow customers to bring in their keys for duplication.

Keys in various types

There are many kinds of keys on the market. Each type has its own unique combination of security and convenience. For instance Cylinder keys are widely employed in both commercial and residential settings. Mortice keys are, however are more secure and are typically found in traditional structures. Tubular keys are cylindrical shafts that fit into tubular pin tumbler locks, which are used to secure sheds and bicycles.

Modern keys can be programmed for specific car systems, in addition to the various cutting methods. This is typically done by a locksmith, or an authorized dealer that has the proper key programming equipment.

For instance, many of the most sought-after modern car keys are shaped as remotes and do not need to be turned in order to start the vehicle. Smart keys have a microchip that is coded for the specific car model and make they can work with. They can be cut and programmed at the hands of a locksmith who is also a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA).

It’s best to always have an extra key, especially in areas that have high rates of crime. The reason for this is that car theft is now a common and easy crime. If you lose your keys, it’s best to get them duplicated as soon as you can, so that you be back on the road and car keys cut not waste your time searching for your vehicle.

While a standard key can be cut by an ordinary machine, more complex keys require specialized tools and a trained technician to duplicate them correctly. For example, keys cut with lasers have a pattern of long valleys that replace usual ridges on older keys. They are difficult to duplicate due to their intricate shape.

Transponder keys are a type of key that requires a professional to cut. They are a standard feature in newer vehicles and can only be duplicated by a licensed locksmith who has the proper programming equipment. This is because they contain a microchip inside that needs to be programmed to the vehicle in order for it to begin.

Tools used

If you’re planning to perform key cutting professionally, you’ll need various tools. A key duplication machine is required to cut and duplicate standard keys as well as automotive ones. Also, you’ll need an encoder for keys, which provides measurements for Kwikset, Weslock, Schlage master keys as well as Schlage. You’ll also need a lockpick set and tools with a long reach to unlock cars. These tools are used to alter pins in the lock cylinder, allowing you to open doors without breaking the lock.

There are a variety of key cutting machines for cutting keys. Each is made to work with a specific type of lock. Manual key cutters require you to manually move keys between the tracing wheels and cutter wheels. This is great for those who are just starting out or who only require cutting one or two keys at a given time. Manual key machines like the Silca Flash and JMA Nomad are both good options.

A key machine that is automated can do everything for you, however, it’s a bit more expensive than a manual device. The Silca 040 is the top automatic machine that is currently available.

Another important tool is a vice, that is used to hold the key when it’s being shaped. A large vise will work well for a car while smaller vises will work for a van. A quality vise will last for a long time and it will be easier to keep your key in place while filing.

You could also think about adding a padlock shank into your toolbox. It can be used to remove padlocks by putting the thin metal piece around the shackle. You’ll also need an lock pick set as well as a tubular pick, which are used to move the pins that are in the key hole of the lock. These tools are particularly useful for picking locks which are difficult to open with a regular key.

Finally, a broken key extractor can allow you to take out an unusable piece of a key that has become jammed in the key hole. This is an excellent tool that can be found in the basic set of car opening kits or buy separately.


It’s more than a simple metal shaping. It’s an art form that offers security and ease of mind to the owner. This process requires special equipment and software. This process should be performed by an established car dealership or locksmith. A cut that is not done correctly could damage the lock and cause extra costs for repair or replacement. In addition, a poorly cut key might not fit correctly and could cause problems in the future.

When choosing a professional to cut your spare car key, it is important to select one that uses a high-quality blade and ensures that the chip is placed correctly the chip. The blades that are cheaper can produce less-than-quality cuts that can result in the key wearing out more quickly and may even break inside the lock. It is also important to make sure the key is made of the correct type of metal. Some websites sell low-quality sidewinder chips, which may cause damage to the key cutting machine or cause your key to fail.

After cutting the key if your car has an transponder key or smart key, it will require programming. These keys employ encryption to ensure only the right key is able to start the vehicle. If you choose to utilize a home key duplication service, they may not be in a position to program the new key correctly.

It is recommended to carry an additional car key for these types of vehicles, so you don’t lose the key you have used to put it in the car. This is particularly true when your car is shared with other family members. A spare key enables each family member to have their own lanyard, which helps prevent accidental lockouts or theft of the car key.

Review your warranty coverage for basic warranties or roadside assistance. Based on the coverage, this kind of service can save you money on key duplicate and replacement. Having a spare key will also assist you in the event that your car battery dies or you have run out of gas. This will allow you to return to the road in a hurry without having to wait for a tow truck, or be trapped in the frigid winter.

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