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The 10 Worst Citroen Key Fob FAILURES Of All Time Could Have Been Prevented

How to Get a Citroen Key Replacement

Citroen is a French automobile manufacturer famous for its future-oriented designs. The iconic 2CV was made in 9,000,000 variations between 1948 and 1990.

Sometimes your keys or the remote fob may be out of sync with the vehicle and must be reset. This can be done at a dealer or our mobile technicians can assist you.

Replacement citroen c4 key Car Keys

The cost of a Citroen replacement key can differ according to the model. For example, models with more advanced features, such as the Xsara Picasso or Berlingo can cost more to replace. But, in general our prices can be up to 50% less than the prices of the main dealer.

We are able to supply new transponder and remote keys for all Citroen models from 1998 to 2000. These keys contain an embedded chip that connects to your car when you insert them into the lock. The vehicle will unlock when the correct code has been received. These keys are more secure and deter thieves more than other keys.

Prior to 1997 prior to 1997, all Citroen keys were mechanical switchblade keys that did not need any programming. Making spare keys for these vehicles is simple and can be accomplished on the spot in just a few minutes. In the event of a lost key, a PIN code is required. This is usually hidden under a scratch panel located on the plastic “SECURITY CARD” the shape and size of a credit card that is kept in the owner’s wallet. We can provide this very quickly and you don’t have to visit a dealer!

Since 2000 the majority of Citroen cars and vans are equipped with transponder chips (chip) embedded in the remote or key. This type of key must be programmed to the vehicle via a specific diagnostic tool. If you have the appropriate tools, this process is quick and simple.

Other methods are available for programming these Citroen keys, however they are not as secure and carry a higher chance of destroying information on the microchip. Contacting one of our locksmiths is the best method to avoid any problems. They’ll know how to use the tools correctly and are knowledgeable about the security features of your vehicle.

Citroen Car Key Replacement

If you’ve lost your Citroen car key, or simply require a spare key, key Programming service it can feel like an overwhelming experience. Many people believe that they need to visit their dealer for an exchange, but this isn’t always the situation. The keys of cars are also becoming more sophisticated. Locksmiths in your area can replace a standard car key however, Key Programming Service if you’ve got a smart or remote key, you’ll need seek out a professional who has the right tools and skills.

We are among one of a few mobile businesses with the necessary equipment to reprogram newer Citroen keys. We can save your time and money by programming your Citroen car keys. It may be more expensive to bring your Citroen to the dealer because they may have to reset the immobiliser. This can cost as much as PS1000.

Since 1998 since 1998, all Citroen vehicles have transponder chips (philips type 33 fixed code or “T5” in the key) that are used to begin your vehicle. The older “snap-in” key only opened the lock and activated the alarm. Modern key systems feature a remote control fob that allows you to lock and unlock the car from a distance and turn off alarms with a touch the button. This is a significantly secure system, and only your unique keys can operate it.

Replacing the Key Programming Service for this model of Citroen is fairly simple and can be accomplished on-site in the majority of cases (including key loss situations). If you do lose both keys to the car, it will need to be re-coded which means taking the vehicle to our workshop.

Citroen Car Key Repair

Citroen’s vehicles are very well-known. It includes the C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 as and the Xsara. Each of these vehicles has transponder chips within the blades of the keys that permit them to start the car in the event that the correct PIN is recognized by the vehicle when the key is put in, it will respond with an immobiliser code and the engine will begin. This is known as a “chip key” and is very safe.

It is easy to replace these keys if you have lost keys. You can purchase them from your local auto locksmith. Citroen cars from 1998 to date use a different type of chip, called a “fiat” type 33. This type of chip is more difficult to replace. In these cases it is usually necessary to carry out an operation known as ‘eeprom work’ to extract the key data from the ECU and immobiliser in order to program the new key.

This is a highly-specialized area of expertise, however we can provide this service at your home or office with our mobile workshop. This saves you a trip to the dealer, who is likely to charge significantly more for this service. You will need to bring your V5 and ID to the dealership to make an order for a replacement key. This can take up to five days. Once you’ve got the replacement key it will have to be programmed to your particular vehicle in order for it to function properly. This can be costly of money at a dealership.

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