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Small Bunk Bed For Kids Tools To Ease Your Daily Lifethe One Small Bunk Bed For Kids Trick That Everyone Should Know

Choosing a Small Bunk Bed For Kids

Bunk beds are an excellent way to bring an element of excitement to your child’s bedroom. They also help you make space in smaller rooms.

Look for bunk beds that have side rails and ladders or stairs that are strong, constructed of durable materials and securely fastened to the frame.

Some models have additional storage space for clothes or toys. Some models convert into two separate beds. These features are especially useful for families with growing children.


A bunk or loft bed for kids can free up floor space to play while adding a wow-factor to their bedroom. Select a bunk bed with a low profile that is only two inches above the floor for smaller spaces. For more space, opt for an over-full bunk bed or a twin loft beds with built-in desk and shelves. You can also get a triple bunk bed (just ensure that you have enough room over the ceiling for this option).

Bunk beds are very popular, especially for children who share a bedroom or have limited space. Take into consideration your child’s projected growth and height prior to purchasing bunk beds or lofts for kids. It is also important to be aware of their ability to safely climb down the top bunk. You can observe how they climb on outdoor playground equipment and determine if they are ready for a higher bunk.

You’ll find a range of loft and bunk beds in the Crate & Kids collection that’s well suited for many different dimensions of rooms. We offer a wide selection of styles and finishes to suit your kiddos’ rooms, including a bunk or loft bed with storage, which provides a great way to keep their room tidy.

Some of our bunk beds and lofts for kids come with built-in drawers to store blankets, clothing or other things. Some have a staircase which can be used as storage. You can also add an extra bed that pulls out of the bottom bunk to extend the sleeping area for guests when they arrive. If you need help determining the ideal size of a bunk or loft bed for your child, our helpful team is available to answer questions by phone, email or live online chat. We can also assist you to outfit your new children’s furniture with the perfect bedding, including sheets duvets, pillowcases, pillowcases and comforters that come in a variety of colors, materials and patterns. Complete their room with an attractive table and chair for children or a stylish dresser for kids.


Bunk beds are an excellent option for kids as they let them share a room without compromising on space. They’re stacked, with the top bed typically accessible via an incline. They are also popular with college students as well as travellers who want to make the most of their space. There are a variety of styles of beds based on your child’s needs and desires.

Consider a loft that is smaller when your children are ready for a bed however you are concerned about safety. These beds are higher than the traditional bunk beds, and feature two beds with separate lower ones that can be used as a single bed or for storage. Some are angled to fit the corners of rooms making them a great choice for bed for kids apartments or other small spaces.

Another alternative is a full-over-twin bunk bed, which features twin beds on top and a larger full mattress at the bottom. This classic design is ideal for siblings sharing the bedroom, but teenagers who require more space enjoy it. This kind of bunk bed is equipped with a standard or leaning ladder, and can also have built-in shelves under the lower twin bed.

A more creative small bunk or loft bed is this one from West Elm, which has a cute tree house theme and an arch that can inspire hours of imaginative play in your children’s rooms. They’ll be excited to go to sleep when they know they’re right in the middle of their favorite imaginary world.

You’ll find a variety of other bunk and loft beds in this selection that will match the unique layout of your children rooms. Consider different sizes, styles of end (straight or curving) as well as finishes and entry options (ladder, angled ladder or staircase) to find the ideal suitable for your home.

Make sure you have matching bedding for your child’s new sleeping space after you’ve found the ideal small loft or bunk bed. Pottery Barn Kids has a variety of sheets, blankets and comforters in different materials, colors, and patterns. You’ll also find duvet covers that allow you to change the appearance of your kids’ rooms throughout the year.


Many people choose bunk beds for their children as they’re space savers however, they can be a big risk to safety for children who aren’t old enough to sleep in the top bunk. Children may fall from the back of the lower bed or get caught between the ladder and the bottom mattress. If you want to ensure that your children sleep safely, choose a bunk bed that is in compliance with the safety standards of the nation. It should be inspected by an independent testing laboratory.

Make sure the mattress has guard rails on all sides, with gaps that are not more than 3.5 inches wide to prevent strangulation. Make sure that the mattress foundation is firm and not too deep, since a mattress that is deeper could cause the guard rails to fall down. Also avoid bunk beds that have ladders that protrude beyond the frame. These ladders are more prone to getting tangled up in curtains or other items. Children should not climb or play on the side or bunk bed. Also, they should not use toys or other objects near the ladder. The best spot for bunk beds is in the corner of the room so that both beds are joined by walls on both sides. It is essential to keep bunkbeds away from ceiling lights and fans because they can be dangerous for anyone who bumps their heads on them when sitting upright in bed.

To avoid accidents, stairs or ladders must have anti-entrapment features and be securely attached to bunk beds to prevent accidents. It’s important to have a firm area for children to climb and fall down with carpet or a staircase runner.

It is essential to teach children the rules to follow when bunk beds, such as not jumping on or playing on them and only using them for sleeping. Also, instruct children to use the ladder only to go up and down, not for a step stool or climbing frame. Children should be taught not to hang objects such as scarves or belts from bunk beds. Jump ropes and other decorations can also cause strangulation.


A bunk bed is a great way to free up space in a shared room and make it easier to sleep for your kids. It is important to think about the safety features prior to buying a bunk bed. Some bunk beds are equipped with stairs, while others include ladders. Both are useful however it is important to ensure that they are made of sturdy solid wood and that they will not break or cause a risk when in use. Staircases tend to be more secure than ladders because they are constructed directly into the bed frame. Ladders can be dangerous for children as they are easy to climb over and can cause falls if they are not secured properly.

Another fantastic bunk bed comfort feature is a trundle, which allows you to add an additional sleeping space for guests. This is a great choice for kids who love to host sleepovers with their friends, and can also reduce the need for a separate dresser or chest of drawers in a small bedroom. A lot of bunk beds have the trundle as part of the bed, but you can also find trundles that are separate and be able to fit under the bunk below to provide your children with more storage space in their bedroom.

Some bunk beds come with a desk, so your children can complete their homework or study in the privacy of their bedroom. This can be a great convenience for children who are in school and have to keep up their studies. It can aid them in developing solid work habits that they can carry forward into the future. Bunk beds with desks can also serve as the perfect place for children to have their own playroom which can encourage them to spend more time with friends and family members outside of school.

If your kids are fans of playing with their imagination and play, a bunk that has a slide can be a lot of fun for them to play with. This will transform their bunks into a double-decker pirate ship, or tree house. It’s also a great opportunity to spend time with your children.

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